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CGS (?) Wavemults on Loudest Warning Sing to Me
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Author CGS (?) Wavemults on Loudest Warning Sing to Me
Do my eyes deceive me, or are there pots to attenuate CV in addition to the audio offsets in both the middle and lower multipliers? Forgive the hyperbole, but that's almost worth the cost of admission, alone!

Really, this panel looks like "instrument of the year" to me.
I have these CV attenuators as mods on my Serge WM and use them all the time. Very thoughtful addition!
A great add. Especially on this module.

Even though I live in the modular world, I find it so easy to just jack a CV source into a cv receiver without attenuation/inversion/attenuversion, because I have a fast thought as I'm patching and the direct possibilities preclude the overall possibilities.

I need an Oblique Strategy card on my wall that says: invert, attenuate or both.

Guinness ftw!
While we're talking about some niceties the Sing to Me offers, what's the pot next the output on the left side of each 258J VCO? An attenuator? Attenuverter?

I have the 258J in 5u format, and while the two outputs for each VCO are nice, they aren't buffered in any way, and the oscillator can stall while you're patching in up in some circumstances. It's nice to see some potential enhancements in The Bad Producer's design.
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