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MARF 248r source code available
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Author MARF 248r source code available
Roman posted this in the DIY section but it's worth reposting here:

MW user @maxl0rd has set up a Github repo for managing the project:

I'm sure a list of specific known issues would be helpful. I have the V1 and haven't come across any bugs (yet), I think it's the V2 which has more issues to resolve.
Roman is a star smile thanks for that.

this isn't an open source project, but still the code has been released and published.

Thanks for sharing this Wes.
Thanks for posting Wes!

I've spend a year with v2 and here are my findings...

1. The programmed pulse outputs 1 and 2 are reversed, where programmed pulse 1 will fire from pulse output 2 and vice versa. (This has been commonly fixed by either crossing the resistors or cutting and modifying the traces on the PCB)

2. Interval Time sliders do not save. From what I hear, v1 allows you to save both the Output Voltage sliders and the Interval Time sliders but v2 does not. Robert Standefer looked through the code and confirmed that it was never implemented.

3. "CV Jitter" When using "full range" voltage from the main voltage output for pitch, the tone becomes thin & wiry and the tuning fluctuates. Once you program each stage with "quantize" the tuning stabilizes. See Dave Brown's 248 page for more information on CV Jitter. The "Time" CV output when used for pitch is also jittery.

4. External Inputs are unusable for pitch. When plugging CV into the External Inputs and sending the voltage output from the MARF to an oscillator (Suzanne Ciani style) the signal is degraded. This must have some relation to the CV Jitter noted above, as the output signal becomes extra noisy, and using "quantize" does not help.

5. Programmed Pulses don't fire when clocked externally with stages programmed to "stop." This could be some user error here, but I found the best way to "conventionally" clock the MARF externally is to set each stage with a "stop" function from the Operating Mode section and then put the clocking pulse into the "start" pulse input. That way every pulse from an external source will advance the MARF one step, but unfortunately in this configuration programmed output pulses don't fire when the "stop" function is attached to a stage. I don't see why the pulses shouldn't fire, but if someone could give me a good reason why they don't that would be great, or if a v1 owner could let us know if it works in a similar fashion.

6. Mode Advance switch does not function. I'm guessing it's supposed to sequentially advance through each stage?

7. Does not work with the 248 Expansion module.

I'm sure I'm missing something else, but I use the MARF a lot and I'm happy to help in whatever way I can to get this thing working "correctly." Glad to see that someone taking on this project!
I hope this example of releasing the source code catches on. Especially for projects that started as cc project. cool
I think Fuzz summed it up. Possibly worth noting the build thread on emcloned as well: as there is some useful info there.


- Jim
Does this mean the expander can finally be made to work with the v2?
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