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MIDI Merger Project
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Author MIDI Merger Project
I have designed a simple 3 way MIDI merger / splitter that can re-direct MIDI by Port and Channels.
There's also Clock routing, transport message, PC, CC port routing which is useful.

(HD best full-screen viewing)

It seems to work well thus far and will fulfill all my own needs.
It uses and Atmega2560( for the ports of course!) so could be used with the 2560 Arduino board as a shield. I used a raw TQFP100 breakout

It handles "running status" no problem and just about anything (except Active Sensing it ignores & SysEx it ignores).
Low latency <1mS simultaneously on all 3 outputs.
Nice OLED display with big chars and scrolling lists

I am posting the code (all my own) and other assorted info (user guide, parts, 3D printer info etc. but no schematics yet) so if anyone wants to make one, it'll be a piece of cake


3d Print files (obj & stl):

Info & manual (doc):
In answer to some PM's I don't see why this couldn't be a module!
8HP should be enough to fit the 6 jacks (panel mount) if placed strategically ...
Dave Kendall
Nice work Sandrine !
Very cool project, thank you for sharing it! I've never used a 3D printing service before. Do you have any recommended vendors?
Dave Kendall wrote:
Nice work Sandrine !

Thanks Dave!

grenert wrote:
Very cool project, thank you for sharing it! I've never used a 3D printing service before. Do you have any recommended vendors?

Naw, I do my own printing, but I have seen some in passing and they do a much nicer job we're not worthy Shapeways is pretty good at it from what I've seen

I use Maya-->obj-->Blender (free)-->Cura (free) to get to gcode for the printer. Printers are so super cheap now too
I have been thinking about what format a module of this would be for the best use
- 6 jacks 3.5mm TRS with toggle switches for polarity for 6 channels I/O
- 2 TS jacks for non-TRS MIDI
- USB slave for DAW & FW updates
- 2 host ports for USB MIDI
- Display & Encoder

I don't know how practical this would be with all the TRS jacks & wires snaking off to other than rack devices (because not strong like 5pin MIDI) but it would get rid of all those TRS/5pin adapters applause
Paranormal Patroler
There are TRS-to-DIN adapters that don't include cables. Check the orange one here:

You just plug a small TRS cable and you're done. You can even switch between Korg/Arturia mapping. a TRS only MIDI matrix would be awesome!
That's pretty cool! I like the no cable
With the weak 3.5mm midi going off-rack I guess one could 3D print up some "thimbles" that go under the nut, might work.
I have busted off my fair share (usually tripping over cables when I'm excited haha) so tend to flip them over the back which is also a PITA
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