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Juno-66 not saving chords
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Author Juno-66 not saving chords
I recently had my local repair guy install the Juno-66. everything seems to be fine, except now im trying to save a polychord, and it's not saving?! i want to have different chords on different keys, and im following what the manual says...

maybe i need to have the Key Transpose button off when i start? or on? not sure why they aren't saving? help! we're not worthy
It does not matter if the KEy transpose button is on or off, just that you press it for a while. if however the key has a hardware problem this is of course an issue.
Does the key work normally top select the various play modes? If not there is likely a broken trace on your panel board, or the switch is worn - both are common issues with Junos
hi, thank you, yes - i do believe it is working (it just came back from the shop, and he would have noticed) - but it makes the lights go brighter or dimmer when i press it, and also the different play modes are there - duo, poly, etc.

when i hold it down for several seconds it starts blinking, but nothing happens when i am trying to save it! can i send you a demo video of me trying to do it? maybe you can correct my process? seriously, i just don't get it cool

so, to clarify, the KEY TRANSPOSE button is working, but the save chord function is still not working...
Not sure if this is a user error or hardware error seriously, i just don't get it

Yes you can send us a video of course.

Is chord memory (not polychord) working for you?

The fact that the lights get dimmer indicates a possible hardware fault..
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