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Doepfer attenuators with my Easel?
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Author Doepfer attenuators with my Easel?
I'm thinking about putting together a 32hp case with some Doepfer utility modules, primarily passive attenuators. I'm assuming these will be safe to use straight, with my Easel, all I want to do is attenuate the voltage from the Aux Card oscillator, as the sliders on the CV inputs of my Easel don't offer enough resolution, they are way too coarse for this.
Mr. Mouse

Couldnt you just this with banana plugs soldered to each end?
I would go with this: r-mixer-2/
It shouldn't be a problem at all to mix formats with modules like that. Either use some format jumbler module or just special made cables. I do it all the time with my Serge stuff. As long as the machines share a common zero signal somewhere it works great.

For attenuation only you might find some cable with an attenuator on it that's usable too.
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