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Deathprod Rig ID
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Author Deathprod Rig ID
Pale Rider

any ideas as the make up of this rig?
new LP dropped today and is wonderful

Looks to me like half of a Buchla music easel with the capacitive touch module pulled out and replaced with various other modules.

Mods can move this to the Buchla subforum, you’ll get more informative answers there I bet. Many euro people don’t know from Buchla, myself included.
name of the album??
The name of the new Deathprod album is Occulting Disc
Pale Rider
brandonlogic wrote:
name of the album??

Occulting Disc

feel free to move it, mods...
Swain Voorman
What's the source of the image? Totally intrigued, did the album get made with this rig?
Defo half a music easel, the lower half does have the double Braids buchla module though, I can't remember the company that made that, looks likethere could be buchla versions of Temps+OC in there too
Pale Rider
I did start another thread in the Buchla section-
Buchla Deathprod thread

I do believe the new album, his first in 15 years, was composed on this-
He shared the image yesterday via Twitter.
looks like the Buchla 208 on the top, with a AUX Card Expander in the slot.
next row looks like the Northern Light Dual CV Polymorpher (dual Ornaments and Crime), next one looks like the Northern Light hOC + hTT (o and c and temps combo), next one over is the Buchla 281, and the last one in the bottom row is the Buchla 292.

Pale Rider
Thank you for all the ID'ing help-
The guy is amazing. The stuff he did with Biosphere is on my playlist for 20 years.
Top row : 208
Bottom row: 2O_C, DAO, 281, 292
Wow, I love this guy's work, I have fond memories of broadcasting his ultra-depressing 18+ minute track "Dead People's Things" over the airwaves when I commandeered a college radio station back in the day. Very honored to see a DAO in his system.
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