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Paperbark - Barely Lit - made with a lot of buchla
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Author Paperbark - Barely Lit - made with a lot of buchla
I wanted to share my buchla-centric album that was just released on Seil Records. Most of this album was made using either an easel or 200r system. Some melodies were created on a verbos system. The surrounding textures and timbres were made with ciat lonbarde gear. Check it out if you're interested:
Listening now and the only thing so far I want is everything to last longer cool
This is a fantastic album! Any chance of a CD release as well?
Thanks so much for the kind words Peake and Levelhead3. This forum has been so important to my development, and I can't thank everyone here on muffs enough for the knowledge and guidance through this murky synth world.

Leavhead3: sorry, I don't think it'll be released on cd.
Very nice dreamscape
Beautiful album, like it a lot. Congrats!
Great album. Thanks for posting. Love seeing music posted here on the forum. Miley Cyrus
Excellent work as always. Are you performing much lately?

Kind of agree with Peake, would enjoy longer versions of certain tracks.
Hey, thank you to everyone for the kind words. I always struggle with length of songs, so I appreciate the feedback. Maybe I should focus more on doing longer songs.

Sempervirent: Since moving back to Minnesota, I have taken a step back from playing shows. I was playing so often in Denver that it burned me out. I will go back to playing more shows, but I prefer time in my studio for creating new tunes, instead of original live sets. To me, they are very different avenues of composition, and I get more satisfaction out of crafting "songs."
Awesome work. Congratulations.
Funny fact about the length of the songs: it's after listening intensively to your previous albums that I started to cut my songs shorter.
Jerome: Feedback is such a yin/yang in working through my process. For me, I just go with my gut and trust my intuition and when it tells me to stop, I do. I have always preferred song lengths in that 3-7 minute mark, and I don't seem to be able to get away from it.

I do play shows and often explore a patch or two for the 20-30 minute sets I play. I feel like playing live lends itself to focusing in on one or two pieces and explore them in some depth.
It’s awesome. Thanks. Just bought the digital version.
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