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tapco 6000r reverb tank
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Author tapco 6000r reverb tank
I recently came across a free, broken Tapco 6000R, which i was planning on repairing, but it seems like every time I troubleshoot and make a repair, something else goes unexpectedly wrong. So I'm trashing the mixer project, but I would love to save the spring reverb tank if possible - the analogue spring reverb was the whole reason I wanted the mixer in the first place. I am new to DIY electronics but can anyone give me advice on how to make this tank into a useable effect? Maybe suggestions for a schematic to replicate?
There are a fair number of tips in this recent thread:
thanks jorg, there's lots of helpful info here
I love these mixers! I've had 3 of the 6100's over the years. I still have the best one. It makes a sick distortion when you feed it back into itself and tweek on the EQ's and reverb. It's total crap as an actuall mixer but worth it's weight as an effect tool.
aahh yeah thats the whole reason i got it!! but i havent been able to fix the board itself, its making a squealing oscillation sound. after replacing all of the ICs (with modern "deadbugged" ics) I feel ready to give up on it. any tips would be appreciated
just replace the caps, if that doesn't fix if try the ICs. It was free so, nothing to lose, but knowledge to gain! heh! that's cheesy.
I don't know how related they are but I have a minty, Intersound IKP-6, no verb, and made by Tapco!
word thanks for the tip thetwlo. I guess i should try replacing the capacitors since thats a relatively easy fix compared to what i just did (deadbugging all 4 IC's). next time ill start with the easier option... IKP-6 looks almost the same except for the reverb
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