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live installation and weather conditions ?
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Author live installation and weather conditions ?

i'm doing an installation with light artist. i want to leave my modular all night running a generative music. Artist would like the modular to be visible by the audience.. i'm concerned a roof tent around the modular will not be enough with humidity and temperature.
I wonder if you ever experienced any problems with weather conditions : temperature min/low, humidity etc to know what to request.

Yes, I blew an amp one time long ago playing an all night gig in a hay field. It was the wee hours of the morning and a heavy dew had descended covering my amp, and as I was playing it just squealed and fried from the moisture. that was when I lived in Michigan, I wouldn't worry too much about it out west here as the humidity is generally around 10 - 12%.

I have played a number of outdoor gigs over the years and that was the only one I ever had trouble at. We had a canopy, but the dew got to my amp none the less.

Things to consider, if the modular is running all night it will probably remain too warm for any condensation problems. Probably. Wind blowing dust around; right now we are in the middle of a huge wind even in much of the west, and I can see the sand particles suspended in the air when I drive home.

Above all that though I'd probably worry more about people these days then weather, so security is another consideration.
Depends on what kind of weather you are talking about.

Humidity-- seldom a problem unless you have very old Buchla (touch panels get weird) or Bastil with wooden panels (panel may warp, but circuit will keep going. These are long term problems, not a one-shot.

Temperature-- remember, these things are often temperature sensitive, so analog VCOs may go out of tune. Otherwise, if it is comfortable for your audience, it will be OK for electronics.

Dust-- If you take the rig to burning man, make sure all panels are filled, the back is closed, and it is covered when not in use. When you get home, clean everything with spray air.

Moisture-- The combination of low temperature and high humidity may cause deadly condensation, so be aware of conditions in the early morning. If you need to wipe your windshield at sunrise, forget it.
If you take the rig to burning man

Ha, talk about an example! Not to be a prude about dirt, grains of sand, oils, and smoke damage, but I'd suggest anything electronic (analog or euro) taken there to be disposable.
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