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Help me pick a Complex VCO kit
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Author Help me pick a Complex VCO kit
Hi all,

I want to build a complex VCO, but am not finding a lot of kits/PCB's that are currently available to these ends. I'm shooting for a eurorack clone of a Buchla 259. Can you all recommend something to this end that's currently available? All I've found is the TWO59 COMPLEX VCO by FEEDBACK. Are there other options that aren't sold out from the usual DIY dealers?
For euro-friendly complex/dual config, I think the TWO59 is going to be the best option. It's a very complete project from what I remember too, and I think well documented as well. (I haven't built one, but I followed the project for quite a while.)

I have a couple of PCB options, but none of them are euro-friendly unfortunately. Well, there is one that is, but I'm not sure if it's still stocked anywhere.

Edit: Actually, it looks like it is.

I think the TWO59 project is still going to be much more of a complete and friendly build though.

Also, if you're not opposed to digital, then Mutable Instruments and any euro-DIY projects based around his oscillators could be excellent options as well.
Shoot feedback an email, see when/if they'll have them in stock. The two59 is well worth the effort. As is the J3RK one, just be aware that it's not prepatched, which can either be a nuiscance or great depending on your mood (I've built both).
I was in a similar situation trying to find a diy complex oscillator, but ended up building two Dannysound EN129 kits ( and a Befaco Chopping Kinky ( It's a different beast from what you're looking for, but I've been loving this setup.
I have seen people suggest getting two oscillators (or a dual osc) and a MI warps in the past, but if you want everything behind one panel there isn't too much to choose from in the DIY space. You could always build your own and I'm sure there are a lot of wigglers that would be interested if you did Mr. Green

edit: maybe Frankinkstides?
Simply grabbing a PCB for each function, placing it behind a custom single panel, and pre-routing anything that seems logical is a perfectly acceptable way to build something like this. Lay something out in Front Panel Designer that fits a pair of VCOs, a timbre circuit, maybe a VCA or two, pre-route some modulations through some switches (unless you like the "tool kit" approach) and there you go.

That's all a complex VCO is anyway. A collection of tools for generating a complex sound. Some are on a single PCB, while others are on a small stack of them.

As someone said above, grabbing a pair of EN129 boards, then adding timbre and modulation VCAs would make an incredible complex oscillator setup. There's not much reason to stick to a single-board implementation unless you feel like it really, or maybe looking for a complete kit.

In fact, having your oscillators on separate PCBs can go a long way toward eliminating any possible parasitic syncing or cross-talk. It's actually pretty tricky to lay out a dual PCB that doesn't have these types of effects.
Boris_Yeltsin wrote:
I have seen people suggest getting two oscillators (or a dual osc) and a MI warps in the past

WOW Warps was not even in my lexicon until your suggestion, so thanks for pointing that module out. I have a lot MI modules already but more keep popping up that I don't know about. Émilie is a genius and Warps sure would provide the features I was thinking of and then some.

I was also not aware of Frankinkstides, but I love the idea of it and will watch that to see if it happens sometime soon.

I do have a LOT of VCO modules already so maybe just building my own as J3RK suggests would be the best option. I do always need more VCA's ... It's peanut butter jelly time!

Many thanks for the suggestions, I'll let you know what I end up cobbling together!
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