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H-size module power connectors
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Author H-size module power connectors
I am fortunate to have a couple of h-size modules from Northern Light Modular. Each has a standard connector for the busboard, and I'm running out of connectors to power them.

is there a way to combine the two connectors to share a single edge connector? Would that be safe? Any ideas or am I perhaps missing something obvious?

(Note that these are standard Buchla power connectors, not the special sized ones on Buchla h-series modules)
I've been expecting someone to start making a two to one PCB for this purpose. There shouldn't be any reason not to combine two onto one cable. That's all the motherboard does anyway.

We do have a solution for a 1to3 and 1to7 power adapters but the problem is the extra capacity all adapters introduce.

Not a problem in clone systems, but might trip over the balance in a +18U e system.
I am thinking about making a little vertical 2in1 connector, but yeah, if you are crafty, just solder two on one power cable.
On my NLM h-series modules I simply jumper power from one pcb to the other. In effect I end up with one 1u module power connector-wise.
So here an idea for a vertical 1in2 connector for h series and shallow clone modules.
I decided to only use the power pins and leave I2C alone to not introduce extra capacitance.
The PCB slides to a Hirose power connector in a 90 degree angle where it will be soldered in place.
It then provides two vertical power connectors that are mirrored so the cables will not interfere with each other.
There is also a protector pin in the middle that prevents one from connecting it the wrong way.

PCBs have been ordered.
Should be 5-10 days until i can report back.
We will have them in the shop for small money for DIYers and include them into orders of pairs of h series modules.
That's amazing ArguZ. I look forward to ordering one (or two). smile
Hello all,

this is one of those days when everything just works wink
I got the PCBs for the double h power adapter , called h2P, and it fits like a glove !
The Hirose connectors slots right into the holes, it can be soldered in from the back or front so one can mount the adapter on the top or bottom row.
The spacing between the upper fingers just allows for straight slotting in on the power plugs, no rocking out and the are also protected from being a dummy

Looks pretty neat in a LEM

And then i thought...what if i solder another one on top of the first one ?
That took a while to get done, but with a lot of solder paste and love...
Voila...a 4 socket one.

And that totally gives you 4 ports...which is a bit insane, but hey wink

We will include the h2P with every purchase of a pair of h modules from now on and it will be in the shop too...soldered and ready to go
Let me know when I can order. smile
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