Too late for Halloween?

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Too late for Halloween?

Post by chamomileshark » Sat Nov 02, 2019 12:03 pm

As I've just turned 60 I decided to make some of my albums now a free download.

First up, "Creeping Shadows" from 2017. With titles like "Brood Chamber" "Into the Zone", "Quatermass & the Creeping Shadows" it's a set of dark ambient tracks.

Apart from "Brood Chamber" most of the music was realized on modular synthesisers (Blacet & Wiard). "Brood Chamber" uses mainly software but ends with an EMS VCS3 run through a Warp Factory vocoder to create the sound of the hungry larvae.

See also "Modular Sketches Vol 1" which is also a free download.

Key Gear: Wiard 300 Series, EMS VCS3, Frac Modular (Blacet, Wiard, Bananalogue & Synthesis Technology).

Pastoral Music: Mark Ellery Griffiths

Experimental & IDM: Mark Dalton Griffiths

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