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4hp 1u tiles or builders?
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Author 4hp 1u tiles or builders?
Hi all,
I have a eurorack case with a 1u pulplogic tile format row. I love the 1u tiles! Pulplogic makes most of his modules in multiples of 6 hp. However, I have a Meng Qi Please Exist tile which is 8 hp, and this leaves a 4 hp gap in my case. Argh!

I know someone has designed an NLS Sloths 4hp tile but has yet to share schematics with Andrew or MW. Has anyone out there made anything else useful in 1u x 4hp? If so, could you build me or sell me a duplicate? grin
Modular Addict has the 1U sloth now but its 6HP. I have a lot of 1u and haven't seen anything smaller than 6HP.
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