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Quick Little Jam, I'd love some honest feedback!
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Author Quick Little Jam, I'd love some honest feedback!

I'd love some feedback on composition, mix, etc. It was all done live.

(as an aside, I've never been able to get video embed to work on here... how?!)

Quick Jam with my new configuration since I got my new case. First proper recording with the Dreadbox Antiphon!

Some patch notes:
Channel 1 of Maths is cycling in audio rates and being played with the preset voltage on the Pittsburgh KB-1
The Dreadbox Antiphon oscillators are tuned in octaves and fifths. It is droning but I have channel 4 of Maths triggered from master clock into the VCA of the Antiphon to give it some movement. I also have the gain on the spring reverb cranked way the hell up to drive the shit out of it and I have the reverb mix level at about 30% I'm playing the Antiphon with the keyboard portion of the Pittsburgh KB-1
The Maths oscillator and the Antiphon are being put through Mutable Warps as just a basic mixer. I originally put them through there to play around with some of the algorithms to see how the two interact but I didn't like what was happening. I didn't bother re-patching it through my mixer module. The Antiphon and Maths oscillator mix was going through the Make Noise Mimeophon and Mutable Clouds (clone) with no modulation going to either.

The sub oscillator and square wave of the Pittsburgh SV-1 were going through the Make Noise LxD but I had channel 3 of Maths into the CV of the LxD. I had the master clock going into a Animodule TikTok clock divider/multiplier to provide /3 clock to the Pittsburgh SV-1's digital LFO which was providing modulation to channel 3 of Maths which was connected to the CV in of the LxD.
I liked it, overall. Don't take this the wrong way but to me it sounded like music that would play during the pause/load/inventory-check screen of a video game like Quake or something. I didn't find it particularly engaging in the sense that it didn't draw me in and force me to focus on how things were progressing, it just had this kind of inevitability about it, mainly I think due to the scales played on the keys.

To really drag me into the sound I would want the bassline to be modulated toward dirtiness or have some abrasive-sounding filters slowly start to act on it. I would also want the lead line (the semitone up/down one) to cut through a lot more. Some off-kilter blasts of percussive noise wouldn't go astray either. However, like I said, if your aim was to create more of a background sinister vibe then I think you did it.

Thanks for listening and the feedback! I actually played around with some of the things you suggested before recording this take but nothing really sounded quite right to my ears. I find myself using filters less and less these days though I'd really like to play around dirtying up my sound in other ways!

My go-to thing lately is making sinister (or otherwise) background stuff so I really take that as a compliment so thank you! In the future though I'd really like to try to make more engaging music that draws the listeners in more. I know I need to brush up on my compositional skills...

Thanks for your help!

Guinness ftw!
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