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Broken Ginkosynthese Sampleslicer MK2 [Fixed]
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Author Broken Ginkosynthese Sampleslicer MK2 [Fixed]
Hi there!
My Sampleslicer MK2 is acting weirdly and I just wanted to know if someone could give me a hint for troubleshooting.
The problem is that Output sends a loud click everytime the recording (either button or via trigger input) starts. The audio signal gets recorded but while playing it back the Samplesplicer sends out a loud click everytime a new slice is played back. Weirdly the speed knob has no effect at all anymore. All the other knobs still function normally. This happen without anything attached to the inputs.
I can't remember what I patched when I used it yesterday :(
Thank you very much!

Ok, I did some more testing - the unit is working proberly apart from that loud clicking noise when the sequencer skips to the next slice. What could this be?
Ok - so I got a response from Jan - the guy building the Sampleslicer.
In case anyone else will run into this problem in the future, here is his response:

This is a simple thing, you just have to recalibrate your module. To calibrate the sampleslicer turn of your modular. Turn the gain knob fully anti clockwise, now repower your system while holding down the "sample" and "pitch mode" button. Keep these buttons pressed down for a few seconds and the first LED will light up. Now release the buttons and the LEDs will light up one by one. When the calibration is finished you will see a binairy code on the LEDs. Just ignore this, this is the voltage it is calibrated to. Now restart the module and push the pitch mode after you powered up. Now restart one more time and have fun slicing again!
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