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Power supply issue, perhaps.
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Author Power supply issue, perhaps.
Hi! I´ve had a few problems, that might be related to insufficient power supply. A week ago my M563 started to light up random, and quite fast, though it wasn´t even patched up. On a few occasions the sound has gone out on a lead patch. It´s a patch where I use a Q149 to switch between the filter signal going Clean, thru a Overdrive II or a through a Deep equinoxe phaser. After pausing and starting to play again, the sound can be gone. All I have to do, though, is to turn the Q149 switch (No it hasn´t been in the fourth non contact step).

I have six cabinets, runned by two QPS1. They are similar to the .com portable cabinets, with one exception. I´ve got the power modules on the back, leaving 66U:s on the front for patching. On the other hand, two of them aren´t filled yet. I´ve got seven spaces left in one, and nine in the other. I´ll just try to add a photo, making it easier to Picture the situation.
I haven't been able to find any documentation about how much power Moon modules draw. Without that it will be tough to judge whether or not the power supply is insufficient.
Have you tried moving it to the other rack? Or unplugging a handful of modules in the same case (decreasing the overall load) and then testing the M563?
MrNezumi; No, I haven´t. It takes some work to get there. Normally, I have to get in there by taking the back panel away (a wooden panel seen on the upper two cabinets). To be honest, I´d rather start with a message to you, before lifting those cabinets down.
ranix, I´ve tried once to count how much power is needed. I don´t think I did it the right way, and it was a lot of bought modules ago. I probably hade four cabinets back then.
I general, I would estimate a lower power consumtion on modular systems with a lot of large sequencers. Am I right, less power per U? Unless sequencers crave a huge amount of power.
That sounds reasonable to me but without accurate specs from Moon it can't be said for certain without actually testing the current draw of the module. I do think most Moon modules only pull from the 15V supply and rarely if ever use 5V.
You say you've got two QPS1's? That's probably not enough. Your setup is at least as big as mine, and I'm running on three of those Condor open-frame supplies very similar to the QPS1.
ranix wrote:
I haven't been able to find any documentation about how much power Moon modules draw. Without that it will be tough to judge whether or not the power supply is insufficient.

I've got some numbers from Gerd:
* The 554 uses 60mA@15V
* The 564 uses 60mA@15V, 5mA@-15V
* The 563 uses 80mA@15V, 20mA@-15V
* The 568 uses up to 270mA@15V (all leds on), 4mA@-15V
* The 569 uses 160mA@15V, 40mA@-15V
* most expender modules is approx 10mA@15V
(I got a few more, but perhaps I better use my modular grid account and update modules info there hmmm..... )

Putte power might be an issue. I will recommend you making a spreadsheet for calculating power consumptions. Some manufactorer has the info available, some can be found on modulargrid and some here and there. Even reasonable guesses will be better than nothing (use values from similar modules and you won't probably be much off). Go calculate. I made a spreadsheet earlier this year and ended up selling my QPS1 so I'm now powering my 110 unit setup with a single QPS3 power. I'm at 66%@15V, less on 5V and -15V.
Thanks, Steffen. I really dislike conting power consumtion, and I´ll probably end up trying to buy myself out of the problem with a third QPS1.
While subject to some % of error, will allow you to enter your system or just look at individual modules for power consumption.

When coming to think of it, the two symptoms I mentioned are related to two modules powered by different QPS1:s. Not sure if you can see this on the photo, but the M563 is in the upper right cabinet. All three left cabinets are powered by a QPS1 in the lower of them.
The Q149, on the other hand, is in the middle right cabinet. Naturally, the three cabinets to the right are all powered by a QPS1 downstairs, in the lower of them.
Sure, patching goes in all directions between the two stacks of cabinets, but I can´t imagine that affecting the power supply. Both the power cabels go into the Q137:s comes from the very same distribution box/wable. Worse is, maybe, that almost the whole of my system is powered through the same double plug in the wall. Ridiculous, I know, but I haven´t got much other choice.
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