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3 Intellijel 1U Modules - FSR, Dual VCA, Duatt
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Author 3 Intellijel 1U Modules - FSR, Dual VCA, Duatt

The FSR 1U is built around a custom fabricated FSR with an analog processing circuit. It allows you to generate a variable CV when you press on it (pressing harder generates a larger voltage) along with a corresponding gate signal.

Guaranteed to add some fun, dynamic control over almost any kind of patch!

Dual VCA 1U

The Voltage Controlled Amplifier or “VCA” is one of the most essential and useful building blocks in a synthesis patch. The Dual VCA 1U packs two high quality, DC coupled, linear VCAs into a very compact 1U package.

The two VCAs can be used completely independently or in tandem via the handy signal normalling. The DC coupling means that the VCA can be used for the amplitude control of both control voltages (CV) and audio signals.

Some application/use examples:

Dual, independent VCA for dynamic level control of two different audio or cv sources
Stereo VCA (use the CV normalling where CV A normals to CV B) for processing stereo sources or CV pairs.
CV/Audio summing (when Out A is not patched, it normals to sum with OUT B, CV A and B control the independent levels)
Voltage/signal doubling (use input A only and the doubled voltage will appear at OUT B when a CV of +5V applied to CV A)


Two high quality and precise linear VCAs
DC coupled
LEDs to indicate CV level
IN A normalled to IN B
CV A normalled to CV B
OUT A normalled to sum with OUT B
Compact size
Skiff / Palette friendly

Duatt 1U

Half a Quadratt (and a little bit more)

A super compact Dual Attenuator, Inverter, Attenuverter, Multiplier, Mixer and DC Voltage Source. The little brother of the mighty Quadratt 1U module with added gain multiplier switch and half the size.
Buttons ARE toys
Oh daaamn! I'm super excited about that FSR switch! I've been wanting to put a bunch of those in my 4u case to use as a sort of wind instrument inspired melody controller, sending all the gates from each FSR into a mixer at different levels and then a quantizer so you can produce various intervals with different finger combinations. I thought I was gonna have to find someone to build them for me but now they just exist!
When will these be available?
I love that Intellijel is compiling a nice mixture of utilities like the dual vca and quadratt/duatt with more niche 1u modules like the zeroscope and this new fsr module. I will probably pick up each of these.
Just tried to order all 3... says price is zero dollars?? Unless y’all are going full Santa Claus up in here, well, yeah wink
jamynmusic wrote:
Just tried to order all 3... says price is zero dollars?? Unless y’all are going full Santa Claus up in here, well, yeah wink

Sorry about that! We are shipping all orders to dealers first and then we will put them up on our site (about 1 week).
The quantized fsr us kinda of awesome. Such a simple way to create melodic sounds. Think I need to grab one.
cackland wrote:
When will these be available?

You may be able to grab the VCAs from a dealer.
I bought a couple of them in EU store a couple of a weeks ago.
Should have been more specific considering the VCA has been available recently.

The FSR and Duatt?
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