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Need help to calibrate Monsoon
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Author Need help to calibrate Monsoon

I ask you for help with the calibration of Monsoon. As I don't have previous experience with clouds so I have a lot to learn about this module.

The calibration process described by Pusherman says to send 1V to the v/oct input. So with the Beatstep pro, if Seq1 0V midi note is set to C-2, I send a C-1 to obtain 1V, is it right?

Next I need to push the edit button I feel almost ashamed to ask but since I haven't found a manual, I don't know where the edit button is…

Next I send 3V to the v/oct input so it will be C1 on beatstep pro?

Thanks for your help! we're not worthy
sir stony
If C2=0V, then C3=1V and C5=3V...
Of course yes, do you know where is the edit button ?
You may know where I could find a manual? Is the Clouds manual valid for Monsoon?
is the edit button "disp"? or the other to the right of panel?
I remember having some issues trying to follow the Pusherman instructions, can't remember what though.

The important thing is that the LEDs are flashing the right sequence. If they are not then you have pushed the wrong button! Dead Banana

Just repeat the process until you get it right.
just had a look at the magpie panel for monsoon and the pen symbol for edit is on the right
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