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5V 15ms pulse from VBA?
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Author 5V 15ms pulse from VBA?

Korg Volca needs a 5V 15ms pulse signal for syncing. I am about to feed it with some funky swings from my laptop/mobile.

How to send a signal like that from VBA/JavaScript/Eurphoria/whatever?

Even a very basic/general guidance is very welcome!

Cheers, A.
The best way to get proper timing while being easy to program is to use an audio interface.

There is an app from Korg for syncing volcas with an iphone's headphone output so you might need neither 5V nor a "proper" Pulse.
So you can probably get this done without building a circuit and just connect it directly.
You could try to verify this with a softsynth (noise through vca with 15+ ms gate or decay envelope) and see if it triggers the device.

If you're running Javascript in a Browser you can use the WebAudio API. (See AudioWorklet / ScriptProcessorNode)

There are some quite easy to use C libraries (e.g. PortAudio) for which bindings to your preferred languages may exist or may be easy to make.

For little projects like this PureData is also a good choice as it handles the not-so-fun part of audio (& midi) for you while also allowing you to wiggle virtual knobs.
Great starting points!
Much appreciated!
Thanks, A.
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