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Select Bus
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Author Select Bus
I just did a search in DIY and was surprised to discover there's no Select Bus topic
I have been working the the dev. of two modules and each will have the Select bus (CV bus) capability. This newish system rides MIDI signals on the old CV line of the 16 pin PSU bus. A growing number of modules seem to be adapting S-Bus for selecting presets in several modules from a single master module (mostly)
The only master for generic selection is the storage strip, which also sets modules to store parameter presets which greatly eases setting up a patch.

Anyway, blah blah blah, the Storage strip seems to be no longer available so I have been forced to make my own to test the upcoming modules with. It was super simple so I'm amazed no-one else has done this

Here's my not-too-well-thought-out module:

Any thoughts on a new for 2020 Select bus storage strip-like module?
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