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Very simple Midi to buchla pulse converter
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Author Very simple Midi to buchla pulse converter
Hello banana crew.

I am looking for something which may not exist. I want to sync a midi compatible drum machine with my buchla setup and I don't want to spend a panel space on an interface. What I'd like - ideally - is a standalone dongle I can plug a midi cord into, and a banana out into my system. All I want is a pulse - no note information or anything complicated - literally just a pulse to sync the drum machine . Does anyone have any suggestions?

You rule
Maybe Synovatron could help with a custom built adapter ?
Kool idea. In case it's doable, that is something i would also be interested in.
You may want to look into this:
Looks like they are not available right now on the site, but you may find one 2nd hand.
This has been indispensable to help sync things up for me.
Not sure if the pulse that gets output would be strong enough to drive whatever you are trying to drive. It will get the pulser going in my easel when the switch is set to keyboard and banana from format jumbler is inserted into pulse input on lower left of 208, but won't get the sequencer or EG doing the same unless run through a comparator
If it's only the panel space, they are making a box for the MUC-810 now, it should be available soon.

See in this thread:

Might be an overkill, but the MUC-810 is a nice MIDI module in case you gonna use it with other gear/DAW in the future.
Contact tony at synovatron. He has what you want.
Thanks all for the replies. thumbs up
Are you looking for single outs of the drum channels ?
Or a way to clock your rack to the mid of the drumbox ?

If second : Trommelmaschiene

It takes in Midi clock and start/stop data and provides the first step, all steps and accents for the included pattern sequencer.
Trommelmaschiene does look great. Ideally I want to not use a space but if I do end up doing so this is a good option.
I’m looking for exactly the same thing. I use an Aux Expader so just want to plug a pulse into that.
Expanding on this, I would love a small stand-alone box (not a module) with USB MIDI input and two full 'voices' of CV/pulses out...essentially, a (2x)Doepfer Dark Link for Buchla!
I spent like 1 year trying to wrap my head around the same issue and ended up buying the CVGT1, its the most simple solution to this date...

I think Synavtron is working on something a bit more stand alone but it wouldnt be available until sometime 2020.

Hope u get the sync you deserve It's peanut butter jelly time!
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