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Small mono mixers,which one to choose: A DTM, GRP or Vermona
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Author Small mono mixers,which one to choose: A DTM, GRP or Vermona
I need small mixer especially for mixing osc sounds or pinged filters percussion into one mono channel.

1) No noise
2) Clean sound, but not sterile is OK
3) Small HP
4) Great quality and durability

GRP and MA looks like winners but Vermona always provides top-quality things (but more HP).

Which one do you have and can/can't recommend.

Thank you
Malekko's "MIX 4" works well for me. It is clean (I am not sure about "sterile"), and the overall quality is excellent. The pots are obviously a bit small, but they work well.
I'd be tempted to go to the standard Manhattan Analog MIX if you want clean mixing with decent sized pots. it won't add any character, but it certainly won't add any noise either. It will also let you mix CV signals if you want.
i use and love the vermona quadropol. when you look at everything the quadropol does beyond just mixing it seemed well worth the extra 4hp...

the offset, inverting, scaling are all super handy for cv mixing, but im hugely a fan of the sound for mixing waveforms with it. it sounds very clean and precise in a musical way, doesnt distort like my quadatt does, i can find the enhanced dead zone easily to mute a signal, and the ring mod is so so clean. each channel having a 4 quadrant multiplier brings out a lot of extra mileage from an analog osc

very underrated module imo. fits all your requirements very well
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