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Stores at the Mall: The Strange Sonic World of Peter Blasser
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Author Stores at the Mall: The Strange Sonic World of Peter Blasser
For any ciat heads that find themselves in or near Washington DC over the holidays make sure to stop by Rhizome, we're hosting a first-ever career retrospective of Peter's work. Will include many ancient/rare instruments as well as the debut of a brand new paper circuit assemblage that Peter is designing/building just for this exhibition. There will be an opening on 11/13 and Peter will be in attendance (also that night he'll take part in a book discussion with musician/author Alan Licht about Sound Art). More details here: e-mall-the-strange-sonic-world-of-peter-blasser
Wow this is super cool! I might try to check it out!
Will def try to make it down while the show's up. Ran into Pete fresh from the airport at Rhizome last weekend but we were unable to stick around to see anything mounted - great to catch up, though. Interested to see how the "Peter Pollock" rendition of the old Nabra carpet synth turned out.
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