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Soft String Sound
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Author Soft String Sound
I am trying to program a string synth sound that's commonly found in older Italian House and a lot of modern productions like the Regelbau stuff.

Here's a clear example of it.

[video][/video] (alt+y)[/video]

From what I imagine it will involve a subtle descending pitch envelope and sounds like the amp envelope has a slower attack than the filter envelope, but I may be wrong on that.

Also probably some PWM and Vibrato.

I am using mainly a Micro Q and an MKS-50.
I actually think the MKS-50 / Alpha Juno is well suited to these type of sounds. It of course only has 1 envelope for both filter and amp, but I think the key is to play with the filter envelope depth to get the softer feel. The MKS-50 also has PWM on the saw waveform, which is relatively unique.

I would try:
Envelope with a slow-ish attack
Back off filter envelope depth and key tracking on filter
Low filter resonance
Saw PWM with slow PWM modulation
A slight amount of vibrato via the LFO
Slow modulation on chorus
Thanks DMR, I was able to get some nice sounds this way, but not exactly the wah-wah effect I was looking for. Maybe I need to work with the pitch envelope?
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