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My First Modular - Live Techno Setup
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Author My First Modular - Live Techno Setup
So, below is my planned 4x 84u modular, designed to fit in a standard 19" 12he mixing desk flightcase for easy transportation. I have about half the modules at this moment, and can already work on some tunes. The idea is to have more or less a full studio in one flightcase, power it up, DI-out to FOH: ready to produce some beats.

As this is my first modular, I'd like to ask you what you would change, add, remove, etc from this rig. Please don't hold back...

Could you link to the Modulargrid page? The screenshots from MG tend to leave some modules unidentifiable.
Good point! Here’s the LINK
I think you need more modulation and utilities.

I would add something simple, yet versatile that serves as both, like MI Stages (LFO, EG, Switch, Sequencer, and more).

I'd also add something to offset/invert/scale CV, like Frap 321 or 4MS SISM. Also, something that provides random CV, like the Triple Sloths from Nonlinearcircuits.

I'd add one more filter too - WMD Overseer is probably great for techno, especially a stereo setup.

Edit: Did I say "one more filter"? I see you don't have any, so I'd add two at least. A stereo one, and a mono one. Shit you have room for a R&S Res EQ. The techno heads should be in love with that thing.
Thx bedhed!

Modulators and utilities should be added, I agree. Thanks for the options, very much appreciated! I’ll look into these.

I thought I’d use synth voice modules which include a filter section, at least at this early stage of my modular. The RS ResEQ is a good idea though, on the master just before the compressor. thumbs up
The Overseer seems nice, but might become a bit like a gimmick that shouLd be used sparingly, I think. Other opinions are very much welcomed!
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