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Potential Canadian distributor for modular kits
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Author Potential Canadian distributor for modular kits
Mark Hammer
A local buddy here in Ottawa is a growing business distributing/selling parts for musicians' supplies. A lot of it is supplies/materials for amplifiers (tubes, transformers, wire, etc.), speaker cabinets (grill cloth, tolex, speakers, etc.), and guitars (pickups, bridges, tremolo units, knobs, switches, etc.), with some stuff for making stompboxes. While Ottawa based, he ships both nationally and internationally, although I imagine the Canadian clientele are appreciative of not having to deal with brokerage fees, exchange rates, and other stuff accompanying ordering stuff from out-of-country or overseas.

I recently put a bug in his ear about possibly carrying DIY modular synth kits, and he's pondering it. Small distributors are always trying to balance inventory-storage requirements against profits. If you think about it, consider how much shelf space 12" speakers in boxes require, versus slim Eurorack module kits in plastic bags. A speaker that retails for $150 will easily take up 20x as much space on the shelf as a dozen or more VCO, VCA, or VCF modules that will sell for $100 or thereabouts. If you weren't ready yet to expand to a larger warehouse area, what would YOU carry?

In any event, logistics aside, though I'm certain there are many Canadian module designers/producers that I've never heard of, only a few retailers in Canada carry any module kits, and those tend to carry just a few select lines. As many of you can attest, the range of kit-form module-producers out there is vast, and purchasing some of them can be a nuisance.

So, to ask on my buddy's behalf: Are there any particular synth module kit series you'd like to see a Canadian distributor carry that are not currently carried by anyone in Canada? Again, the emphasis is on kits and not assembled-and-tested units.

Thanks for your input. Hopefully the result will be a wider range of offerings on this side of the border.
in the eu - not canada - but pcb/panel sets are even easier to deal with

some of the retailers (Thonk and SynthCube, I think) put kits together from pcb/panel sets and components - which is comparatively a lot of effort, compared to just selling pcb/panels
Mark Hammer
What we're hoping for is a demand for panel/PCB/parts kits in a bag or small box that avid DIY modular folks might want to see distributed in Canada. These could be European or Asian product lines or North American ones.
Remember that customers will often expect support with these kind of things too! If a kit is shipped out missing one resistor that’s then an annoyance to deal with
Please carry my products. There is a huge Canadian market, but the shipping is high from the US. It is a bummer. Canadian retailers have been completely unresponsive. Take my customers' money!
I support all my stuff personally so it's easy to carry!
Reach out to me at!
I'm in the US, but I'd recommend stocking up on Befaco and Bastl kits. They've both got pretty deep product ranges and they're some of the best documented kits I've built.
MusicThing, Befaco & Bastl. The last two are carried by MoogAudio, but never in stock, special order, yada yada.
Very interested to see where this goes!

Befaco for sure!!!!
Definitely Music Thing, Befaco, Bastl, and RYO although the letter never seem to be in stock ever anywhere.
I'd be interested in seeing Music Thing, Befaco, and Nonlinear Circuits kits available in Canada, for starters.
Mark Hammer
Thanks for the feedback, folks. Keep 'em coming!
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