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Hinton Instrument SequenceMix
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Author Hinton Instrument SequenceMix
Hi guys,

just thought some of you might be interested on the module SequenceMix, I makade an improvisation in my studio a few days ago.
Here's pt 2 of my recording performance with SequenceMix and Wiard 300. I'm also to learn the module.
The Module is designed for flexibility and easy improvising.
With that amount of sequencing complexity you never run out of ideas.Direct analogue modular sequencing in real time.
you can get the most crazy complexity out of it modulating the shift inputs.

Application audio use in the patch:

-Crossfading Waveform.
-Gate delay.
-Multiple switches on, like Klee Sequencer.
-Shot arpeggios

For ease of use in a live situation, the MatrixMix and Modmix is perfect companion.

Thanks for listening!

Fantastic jam Llouwelyn, lots of variation in there! I also received some Hinton lusciousness this week. Cannot wait to try it!

Ah, and also a SequenceMix! we're not worthy hihi Excellent piece of gear, as always with Hinton Instruments! I finally managed to rack it today.

I had a lot of fun with the first few patches already, it is a very versatile module. Two or three would be even more amazing! Think of the possibilities! love

The external Reference Input via the expander is essential, IMO. Here's the link to the module's webpage, make sure to check out the background and demo pages and the cheat sheet in the download section:

Cheers Guinness ftw!
Thanks FLO, nice picture. Guinness ftw!
SequenceMix in action. thumbs up

Nice demos guys! The Sequence Mix is still something I'm trying to wrap my head around.
Hello Monads, Thanks, you can use SequenceMix like Mixer CV / Audio and at any time add the movement. Manual or Clocked.
SequenceMix is a hidden gem with lots of interesting capabilities
Thanks Llouwelyn! I'm starting to get it! I was reviewing my setup and have something on a smaller scale with modules like the ADDAC214 Rotator, ADDAC206 Switching Sequencer and maybe ADDAC305 Latches. It's not the same as SequenceMix but helps me understand better!!
Basic patch on the SequenceMix, CV Modes. w00t

Wiard, SequenceMix and Tape.
Llouwelyn wrote:
Wiard, SequenceMix and Tape.

That Wiard system sounds gorgeous! eek!
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