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ELTA Solar 50 - something new coming along!
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Author ELTA Solar 50 - something new coming along!
Looks like a fresh and innovative synthesizer from Elta is in the works. Sounds radical. As does everything they make. Their PLL pedal is my favorite PLL implementation ever.

Five osc per voice is pretty nice, and I definitely dig what this is aiming at, but really not hearing anything special in the demos at this point. Sounds like it could be the drone machine to end all drone machines, but then... Just throwing oscillators at that equation doesn't always equal a better sounding drone.

Will definitely keep tabs on it, see how it develops.
Looks very nice and knobby, love the polygons. Took me a while to figure out that the sound isn't direct, but you can her the guy's fingers hitting the pads. Does not help the as usual uninspiring sounds, a couple veer close to interesting. Not a keyboard! We shall see, or not see. Potentially a fatal price tag. Maander looks nearly as fun and sounds nearly as good. On video.
Here's a new, better demo, including some descriptive voice over. Pre-Orders are open according to the YouTube description, expected price 800$. I think this sound great and exciting, I love the concept.

THAT's what I was hoping for, given the appearance. Sounds lovely and attractively-priced. The sole winner so far, in all the stuff that's come out of late. Now to see about pre-ordering.....hmmmm.
I find this somewhat interesting. I'm on the fence about the piezo mic built in, but it's a very interesting idea.

Without MIDI though...that's a deal breaker for me. I'd love to find a massively polyphonic ambient dronebox like this with MIDI. Otherwise it's a lovely upgrade to a Hyve, and about as useful.
I like the idea of 10 independent voices that can be tuned separately. I wonder what this 'PLS connector' is.
Looks cool from the new demo. I definitely get a much better idea of how it works, and I really dig the layout of how everything plays together. Seems cool. The cartridge slot is nice too, but pricey if you wanted to build out your effects. Current price at around $20 a cart and 12 in the stores now is $240 ish? Honestly, I think I'd hunt for a used H9 instead and go all out, but it's cool and I like the concept.

I can definitely see the appeal... I think there's a lot of other synths out there that will get you in the same ballpark, but the 5 osc a voice, plus the built in mic, and everything rounded out here is a nice package, for sure.
Holy w00t

This Thing Sounds amazing and I really like the Touch Plate Concept. (I love my Make Noise Pressure Points)

So this comes with no Effects? You have to add them with the Modules? Is that right?
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