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Anyone collecting old drum machines? Vermona 80's prototype.
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Author Anyone collecting old drum machines? Vermona 80's prototype.
I was looking for cheap old drum machines, which is an obsession of mine, and found this: rmona-drm-drumcomputer-ddr-no-roland-tr/1225145481-74-3886

It's not cheap. My wife would kill me if I bought it. But it's a prototype for a machine that was never manufactured, which is like heroin for someone who like unusual drum machines. And I own one of the forerunners already.

I just felt I needed to tell people who might be sympathetic. :-)
äggmedskägg wrote:
I just felt I needed to tell people who might be sympathetic. :-)

You have my upmost sympathy and unconditional support in it's purchase.
Sir Ruff
pretty cool. but it's just a preset machine, no? Not like the proto for the DRM...

But anyway, I guess that's irrelevant if you've got drum machine fever Drums!
Yeah, we can only guess, but it looks programmable but with no sound changes, so like a Roland CR-78 kind of deal.

Yeah, it's probably not good, it's purely a collectors item.

Yeah, the DRM, the digital one from the 80's is something different. At least I think it is. This looks similar in many ways, but it claims the sounds are analog, I don't think the DRM from the 80's has analog sounds?

The DRM-1 built later is a very different thing, yes.
Preset machines have their place, especially if you can mix patterns. It's just a different constraint system.

Also, let's face it, there's quite a gap between the very clean analog sounds of the recent Vermona machines and something like the CR-78 or Mini pops 7, and so if someone could have something like the distinctive and not as recognizable Vermona sounds but with the "older" sound quality, this could be highly coveted, as a best of both worlds.

Anyway, looks cool... also very much out of the range of what I would spend.
äggmedskägg wrote:
..I don't think the DRM from the 80's has analog sounds?...

They are!
[got one for sale if interested...]
Never seen that one as well woah
I wish you’ll get a good surprise from how it sounds
First time I ever heard of Kink was the videos he did with another early Vermona.
Also, there is the Vermona ER-9 which seems close to the prototype that has caught the OP’s interest. Apparently, the ER-9 came out in 1976, and I’ve seen it listed for $350-$500 on Reverb. I believe that Stereoping sells a MIDI interface for it.

Yeah, I have an ER-9, it's very nice, but not programmable. It looks like the prototype being sold is an early attempt of what ended up as the DRM, then. It doesn't look much like it, but it has very much the same features, with analog sounds, some sort of programming and also presets.

No word on what state it is, though.
That machine has been sitting in the Ebay classifieds for YEARS now!
Take your time in thinking about the purchase...

Looks like a CR-8000 on steroids but, apparently, it is more or less preset-based.

Since it is a prototype from the former GDR (where necessity was the mother of invention), I would not expect it to be built extremely well. And what if something goes wrong?

The seller doesn't exactly have the best rating you'd wish for, either.

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