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Behringer Wasp Clone incoming
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Author Behringer Wasp Clone incoming
Certainly a good time to be into analog synths.

No buzz ?
more bizz
Could be a fun controller , I hope add some fun to it.
hyper hyper hyper
i wonder if this will mean i can't eventually resell my jasper for a lot hihi
I hope it has a drone mode.
Wasp Deluxe clone surely? I wonder how they'll approach the digital oscillators. If additional shapes and potentially wavetables are added this could be quite a fun one.
dubnspace op-synthesizer
dubnspace wrote: op-synthesizer

It doesn't really make sense for this to be in the Eurorack-able form factor, since it doesn't seem to have any CV inputs or outputs, just oscillator outputs and filter input...
evilspock a real missed opportunity by Behringer to CV in/out the hell out of a Wasp. I think I'd rather just try to find a nice Wasp filter clone with these connections available.
Nice that you can route the two osc out to a ring mod then back into the mix. Lack of filter cv input is a bit odd though hmmm.....
this is is a more exciting one, and they even state: " made its predecessor infamous in esoteric synth circles. "
So for that crowd, I would think, they'd add more CV/audio in/outs, Not less, than their other clones

...and if they had a clue, they'd add a second "wasp" filter. Then, this might be special!
Daisy chaining capability coupled with the price sounds interesting. Polyphonic Wasp anyone?
Disappointing lack of cv control mixed with lack of a keyboard makes this a head scratcher.
Agreed with most of the comments here. Was immediately super excited when I saw the announcement but then cooled off rapidly...

Wasp Deluxe with no keyboard?
Eurorack unit with 3 patch points?
Digital oscs with no upgrades/tweaks? (how about 4 voice paraphony?)

First Behringer clone I'm not quite hyped about... hmmm.....
evilspock wrote:
...I think I'd rather just try to find a nice Wasp filter clone with these connections available.

Maybe the ADDAC705 Stinggy Filter!
I look forward to buying one for next to nothing used and circuit bending the hell out of it. Lots of room on that panel.
Well that’s shit ...a hard pass Behringer
I mean, isn't this sort of a good thing? If you want a wasp filter get the doepfer, if you want an advanced dual wasp filter, go to random source, if you want a cheap wasp to process audio and use with your midi keyboard, get the behringer, if you want a nice clone either build a jasper or spend 800 bucks on one someone's already built. It's actually kind of nice that it doesn't disrupt the ecosystem and adds an alternative. I agree it would be cooler with tons of CV control or a weird touch keyboard, but it's cheap and if you already have a midi equipped studio, it's an easy way to add a wasp to your sound. Not a slam dunk like the model d or neutron, but I'll definitely get one.
I suppose you’re right , I was looking forward to a keyboard version though.
We know that it’ll be quite well made (based on Model D, K2, etc). The price is like a fifth of what a original Wasp would cost you, or even less. Some might have hoped for more features but however you view it, it’s a bargain.
Just realized that this plus a microfreak would would only set you back ~ 600, less if used and would offer a lot of interesting hybrid sounds.
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