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hacked together playable envelope
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Author hacked together playable envelope
Using a "what Ive got..." approach I've come across a playable set up.

Would definitely appreciate ideas/threads/DIY/semi-affordable suggestions as to how to achieve a higher level version of this.

I run the Little Boy Blue and Jealous heart, interpatched and possibly picking up room sound via a mic, into the input of a microbrute, the oscillators are zeroed out, I set the filter to self oscillate/track the keyboard. I'm able to get play the sliders of the ADSR so I can get abrupt envelope changes, sometimes I can get the filter to respond somewhat to different octaves/notes on the keyboard and for that to interact with the chaos of the LLB/JH combo that is changing according to room feedback/voice input into the mic.

Any thoughts on a modular way to achieve a playable envelope system like this? The dream would be some sort of touch sensitive controller patched into VCA's... I want something I could improvise with in the sense of having abrupt shifts in dynamics and tonality that are tied together, kind of the FEEL of a guitar playing through a distorted wah, minor movements that contain a plethora of sounds.

Im reading up on patches and trying my best to get there.

Perhaps the Ms-20 provides, somewhat and in a positively limited manner, some of the means to get there?
I did not quite get your drift, but it seems to me that you could profit a lot from the Endorphines Terminal module. Which is not affordable, but gives you a lot of freedom over the two AD envelope generators. Both parameters (attack, decay) of both AD's are adjustable and CV controllable from exponential to linear to logarithmic. Which means, you can control both characteristics of attack and decay with external inputs, play the envelope shapes in real-time.

And that's just for the envelopes part (which can also cycle, giving you very expressive VCLFO's and even VCO's because they can go into audio range, like MakeNoise Maths channels 1 and 4). Two Vactrol LPG's, internal mixer, CV control over all parameters, a balance circuit comparing the two channels ... it's very powerful, stuffed into one single module.
Thanks that’s a starting point to work from. I just free form wrote an idea I had, I’ll try to figure how to get a good recording of it or video posted to show the minibrute processor set-up.
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