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Thin case or board to hold small synths on lap
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Author Thin case or board to hold small synths on lap
I have fallen for the small interpatched synth thing and am looking for ideas for holder case or board ideas to keep the little guys on my lap. Think Bastl, Meeblip, Audiothingies, etc, with a Thyme, Empress reverb, and a power strip for wall warts and USB power.

I searched around for thin cases and nothing found quickly seems right. Neither do pedal boards which tend to be heavier duty.

What do you do?

Maybe repurpose a old thin leather briefcase my first boss gave me?
Pics. Or at least dimensions.
Personally, i don't do anything on my lap. But it's good that you can.

Sure, why not an old briefcase? You can even fill both body and lid, or, conversely, get those 2 part hinges and have the lid come clear off.

Why not an old jumbo ammo box?

Why not a hardshell box from a surveyor's transit?

I've always thought it'd be avante garde to build stuff like this into, say, a toaster or a microwave chassis -- though that might not be real portable.

Gut an old laptop. Now you got both panels to fill. And it fits on your lap.

A little hot glue; a few small fasteners; a knife; whatever. Have at it!
Search for laptop pillow. I had one like this: ing-tray---greyish-brown-with-rose-floral-print-pillow and it's great thumbs up
I find pedal boards (the cheaper versions) to be fine for portable use, I have one of these....
Need something similar really. Currently an old shallow briefcase from the local thrift store houses my small devices, but I can't make the lid detachable easily so I might need to find another one. If it's in a briefcase you can stow away and store the gear easily.

A butler tray or a breakfast in bed tray are other options.

Picture not mine and re-imagine synths etc in there, but you get the idea:
Keyboard and mouse lap desk for gamers? xOne-Mousepad/dp/B07WFTN2CC/

Even has cable management.
Thank you for the suggestions everyone!

It turns out we donated the old briefcase. I have a pedalboard but it is a massive thing; the smaller one looks more like what I am thinking, or the lap desk, or maybe just a piece of plywood covered with felt.

I don’t have pics... the Bastl Thyme and Softpop just got ordered and shipped from Perfect Circuit.
Few month ago in the sale section, i saw a post from someone which was selling an Easel "black" clone, the case was really nice !
I ended up ordering one of these directly. They are much more on Amazon. I also got a power strip with USB power jacks for the Bastl stuff and Geode. I have a couple of pedal power supplies already and dredged up some 9V center positive supplies for things that don't take USB and don't ship with a supply. I will put some foam in it to hold the synths and stuff in place during storage. I don't want to velcro stuff down. My pedals are anchored in their board using zip-ties. I hate putting sticky stuff on my gear; always have. I am not sure how long it will take to get this. ory-closeout/#product-reviews

Magma , UDG , Gorilla also do cases at various prices for this sort of thing.
I use a rugged plastic case (11 pounds empty, 9" high) and carry along a thin plywood board, wrapped in coarse cloth, cut to the footprint I need for my setup (36"x14").

Unpack from case to board, place it on the closed case, sit on the floor like a tabla player. It works very well. If there's furniture around I might use a table but I don't need to depend on that.

You can easily change the board to suit your gear and customize it with velcro, holes for little bungees, or whatever. Building right into a case, like an Easel, minimizes setup but those arrangements can be awkward around the edges.
For temporary mounting of gear on boards or in cases I trust 3M Dual Lock “Velcro” strips for several years now, by the way. I’ve attached a MicroBrute upside down on wood and my Zoom R16 still holds perfectly for over one and a half years on the wall applause

Still, the Dual Lock tape strips can be removed from most pieces of gear without too much of a hassle.
You can as well build a small case yourself. I needed my synths to be lighter and take less space so I've measured their dimensions, made a vector layout in CorelDraw (better use something else) and sent that to a local laser cutting service. Does not take much time, really, but you have to be really precise with dimensions and your idea. (as my design got more complex, had to make a 3d model in Fusion 360 which helped a lot with measurement mistakes).

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