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Looking for a synth that's tunable per note.
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Author Looking for a synth that's tunable per note.
I'm searching for inexpensive synths that allow the user to tune each individual note of the scale. I want to stack a few of them to create a playable microtonal synth.

I see that the Hyve synthesizer allows each individual key to be tuned. (see the circuit board in the attached link). But I wonder how far each note can be tuned around the original note (in other words, can a C note be pitched up close to a C# ?
I believe the Korg Minilogue has this option, at least if I'm reading the manual correctly.
Wavestation lets you tune per note of the scale but I’m not sure how far the tuning stretches
Novation bassstation 2
Soma Lyra 8!
In modular there are many touch controllers that would let you send any voltage you want.

In Eurorack world there's also Tubbutec uTune - the microtonal quantizer.
Yes! The Hyve can be tuned over several semitones, typically 3-5 in either direction of the equal tempered note. To tune beyond that range a simple part swap does the trick.
Not sure if it's what you're asking about, but the Korg Monologue should have microtuning support (as well as 1-2 other synths from the -logue series, I think?). Also, at least some of the Dave Smith/Sequential ones should have microtuning, if I remember correctly.
Solar 50
Korg volca modular allows custom tuning of its scales.
CL Sidrax and Tetrax
percussion boy
The Novation Peak, with the big v1-2 update that came out a while ago, has very flexible microtuning.

Details if you want them:

You can retune every note to whatever pitch you want, within a range of less than a cent. You have 128 possible MIDI notes to tune (in case you have a 10 octave controller lying around). You can save several user tuning tables, and there are also some preset ones and apparently the means to load more online.

I’ve “hand-tuned” the Peak from the panel, to set up a quartertone scale—which is fairly obvious—but the instrument really seems like it can do whatever you want: tune every note to middle C, tune the keyboard in reverse, make a 43 note per octave Harry Partch scale, etc.

The only drawback is that the menu won’t let you specify the pitch in hz—you have to figure out what equally tempered note is closest to what you want, then fine tune it up in increments of about 0.4 cents (255 increments/100 cents).

This isn’t an “inexpensive” synth, as in the OP, but at least you only need to buy one Peak.
Many tuning implementations only allow retuning notes within a single octave, but are still reported as having microtuning. Caveat Emptor.

Here are the ones I am sure or reasonably sure about. This includes some corrections of previous answers.

Minilogue, Minlogue XD, Monologue, and Prologue all have per-note microtuning. Tunings can be created and edited directly on the synth.

Novation Peak and Summit have per-note microtuning, and tunings can be created and edited on the synth.

Volca Modular allows tuning per note, but only within a 12 note octave.

Prophet Rev 2 (for sure; some of the other DSI may also allow this) can accept midi tuning dumps that have been edited (via a hex editor) to get around a dumb implementation decision by DSI, but the tunings can't be created or edited on the synth.

Preenfm2 will load Scala files directly and up to 128 tunings can be stored on the internal USB drive, but IIRC they can't be created or edited on the unit.

Some older FM synths (DX7 w/ E!, SY series, maybe others) have full per-note creation and editing of scales, though the SY series is pretty painful to use in this regard.

The Micromonsta can have its tuning overridden via sys-ex, but the tuning is not retained at power-down.

The Waldorf Kyra, like the Micromonsta, has one tuning table that can be overridden with sysex, but it is not saved at power down.
You can do that with a Cirklon to any CV synth, but not a cheap option
the PGH Modular VRL gives you a 10 note totally user-tunable synth.

I've had loads of fun playing mine like this so far. And then of course you engage the sequencer... hihi
adnauseam wrote:
Soma Lyra 8!

Ha, love this response. Absolutely this. (though it's only eight notes, of course)

Appreciated this suggestion as I have a Lyra and it didn't even occur to me to suggest. Nice abstract thinking!
The korg monologue?
Dave Kendall
Kurzweil K2000.
The cheapest Kurzweil, it will let you tune each key in a layer in cent and semitone increments. Each key can also be a different sample if you want. . .

Any Kurzweil with VAST (i.e. not the stage pianos *except* the Forte) after this can do the same.
Emu's 2nd generation Proteus (i.e 2000 and up) romplers accept the MIDI Tuning Standard, which lets you define arbitrary scales, although you are limited to 12 notes per octave. Korg General MIDI boxes such as the NS5R can be retuned on the fly by system exclusive messages. These instruments are pretty easy to find at bargain prices.
Quadrid Swarm allows each of the 8 touch pads to be played or sequenced by knob.
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