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Live looping samplers.
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Author Live looping samplers.
Hi there,

I´m looking for a live looping sampler suggestion.
I´m basically looking for a piece of hardware that will record multiple quantised loops, Preferrably loops of which I can set the length before recording, just press play and after recording they´ll loop immediately.
I also want to be able play a pre recorded sample loop along with it.

The only devices I know that can do this are:
Roland mc 707
Toriaz sp-16
Akai Force

They all are kind of large and expensive, I only need like 4 tracks. and no FX, chopping, ecetra.
I´m so fucking bummed the mc- 101 wont do the live looping thing like the mc 707. The setup I´m goinna use this with is until now all battery charged. but alas...

I buying a looper pedal and a simple sampler the only alternative to what has been mentioned above?

I´ve done this succesfully using ableton and the apc40 But I´d really like to do all of this in one box.

Thanks for any thoughts
I think the Boss RC 505 would suit your needs if size doesn’t matter.
Most flexible option I've found is an ipad, a midi footpedal and Group the Loop.
Boss RC-505 does this exactly

Has 5 independent loop tracks , lot of recording time, memory to store samples and MIDI sync
1010 Music Blackbox
Also check out the Electro Harmonix 45000 and 95000.

There's also the old Electrix Repeater. Some people still swear by it.

Unfortunately, there are no cheap multi-channel loopers out there.

There's a loopers thread in the guitar/bass sub-forum. You might find something interesting or ask further questions there:
Thanks for all the suggestions. The 505 is indeed a bit too big for me. Never heard oft the 1010 but that seems quite spot on.

Guinness ftw!
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