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seppuku pedals
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Author seppuku pedals
mr big
i got two pedals from seppukufx today. the repeater and the sub-harmonic synthesizer. anyone know these pedals?

they were pretty cheap $139 each with free international shipping from their website, down in australia.

i find the repeater has low headroom, i have to crank up the amp then get some hum going on. and the case art was screwed up, not in a 'hip' way, just bad manufacturing. these pedals definitely feel homemade. the sub-harmonic is really a winner though for me. i'm not sure yet on the repeater.
Do they have sharp blades? Seppuku with a dull blade is so much more painful.
mr big
these are sharp but rough and dirty. pretty messy.
I was considering the sub-octave a while ago, never got past checking out the online videos. It seems pretty nice.

I'm curious what you're running through it? How they handle bass etc?
mr big
meristem wrote:
I'm curious what you're running through it? How they handle bass etc?

i'm not a bass player. (i'm not really a guitar player either) but i almost never mess with bass. but i do have a cheap japanese imitation fender jazzmaster, so i hooked it up. as a test i ran the sub-octave against the fuzz factory. the sub -octave didn't do so well. it's muddier and darker. the fuzz factory sounded really good on the bass.

the sub-octave is an odd pedal. it really wants to do that whip thing you hear in the demo. which is cool but gets old. i'm sure there are ways to control it though. for now i've actually been using the repeater more. a very simple but effective pedal. for a non musician it really makes jamming fun. it just needs another pedal in front of it.

i did get some good results using the sub-ovtave with the machinedrum.
Thanks for the info thumbs up
mr big
just one more thing. rhys, the maker, responded to my observation about the low volume on the repeater. he apologized and offered to recalibrate it.

seems like a good guy.

by the way the repeater works great with drone machines like the glamour box and sleepdrone5.
I had a mind warp, sold it, kinda wish I had it back, although it did have a volume issue as well...
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