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Post by MikeDB » Fri Nov 29, 2019 8:01 am

555x555 wrote:Yeah, the new design is part of what’s interesting about them. CMOS, 36V, low distortion, decent precision. Idk much about semi fabs, but offhand this seems like a pretty innovative chip.
The Chinese have been buying up any good second hand 150mm and 200mm semi processing equipment for years now so their analogue fabs are actually very good. Anything not up to scratch goes to make LEDs where quality doesn't need to be as good.

They also have lots of innovative chips. The ESP8266 dominates the low cost WiFi market for things like smart light bulbs and so on. They're also very good at MOS drivers and switching PSU devices where the Western companies are still often relying on 25 year old designs and the inertia of companies to change their designs.

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