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A Bass Drum. My way...
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Author A Bass Drum. My way...
Grumble wrote:
I am working on a drum synthesizer, but I have to do it my way meh
The first part (the software needs some more tinkering, the hardware is incomplete) is working, and I am so enthusiastic that I had to publish this part...
Looking at the schematics, of course there is an Arduino (clone) Nano and three more chips (the opamps not counting, they are just there for getting the right voltages out.
First there is the AD9833, a Direct Digital Synthesizer from Analog Devices.
This can put out sine, triangle and square waves (not simultaneous) which is clocked by the 16 MHz from the Arduino.
So I can change the waveform, and I can set the frequency and the phase.
The phase (and that is "new" for me), is used to give an extra click at the start of the drum sound. This is set with a potmeter, so I can choose more or less "click".
So this is the sound generating part.
The second chip is an AD5545 from Analog Devices, this is a dual 16 Multiplying DAC, so the signal at the output is multiplied by the value of the DAC register and devided by 65535.
This is used to set the amplitude of the drum signal, I also make a ramp with it.
The third chip is an ATtiny13, which is used to generate digital noise, for another type of drum or hi-hat, to be determent.

that sounds good. and with the DDS chip youll be able to do all sorts of crazy FM stuff to create other percussive sounds.
So cool!. I think that percussive modules are my absolute favs. One question: ad chips use to be pretty expensive. ad633 sure it seems expensive to me... How much does it costs all that ones?

Are you thinking in selling/releasing your module?
No, I'm not selling, these are just one-time prototypes.
For me, these chips cost me nothing at all! Analog Devices has a sample program that allows me to order about 4 chips for free every 2 weeks (work related hihi )
The only disadvantage is that most of the time they only sell SMD stuff, so I have to solder them on SMD to DIL adapters, but they are very inexpensive coming from AliExpress.
the DDS IC (9833) is super cheap from chinese surplus maybe $1.50. AD633 is like $7 USD IIRC.
There is no AD633 in this design eek!
Be careful buying the super cheap AD9833 from chinese suppliers, because as far as I can see they all have written on their pcb AD9833 AD9837, so it is possible you get an AD9837, while they are pin compatible, they are not as good in terms of max frequency, temp. handling etc.
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