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Jeroen Baars / electric dog: is he here at muffs ? (TubeVCA)
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Author Jeroen Baars / electric dog: is he here at muffs ? (TubeVCA)
this is about the Electric Dog Tube VCA,
is by coinsidence Jeroen Baars a member here ?

i´d like to pick up on this. ( found a small package with more tubes, hehe (5672 ))
First: i´d like to get the schematics.
@Frequenzy Central: do you have yours still ?

and then maybe doing some discussion ?
Whats the standing of that project today ?
Seems that it was never without flaws ?
this was about the filter, the VCA is woven in at the end ( very little infos)
the dutch therad, about the filter nderhoud/92667-nieuw-buizen-vcfje?t=90425

........but i think the interesting bit is the VCA wink

By conincidence was my electric Dog Tube VCA creating troubles yesterday ( shut down/short a whole rack) after newly placing it in my rack.
Took the module out and when i put the module back was all going, and look: now the Tube VCA was spitting out the nicest tube sound to have.
( bevore it was allways sounding very clear with a touch of........i don´t know, there was a touch of something on top of the clearity, but it was NOT anything distortion, more like "overpronounced clearity" (hehe) ).
Its like there was a contact wrong within the module, maybe within the tube, that got whatever coinsidence...... hmmm.....

I think this thing is a sleeper, since the build is so easy.
My module was built based on a PCB that i have drawn, etched by a friend ( no, the pcb drawing is no longer available since i lost the HD)

finally: i would like to see this module happen as a DIY kit ( here my intention lies wink )
Thank you papz !

i´ll see.......
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