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Author Hey.
Rex Coil 7
Hi fellas. Some new 5U users 'round these parts it seems. Great!

I'm doing ~ok~ ... the neck thing is coming along. Two oddball seizures over the previous seven weeks ... friggin VA docs have zip clue why. Almost like epileptic seizures ... shaking, intense shivering ... bah!! Bastids!! Body temp starts out at around 94f during the beginning, then after a few hours it spikes at around 103 or so. Takes about 18 hours to get back down to my normal. Takes a few days to feel like ~me~ again after it's all over. The geniuses are stumped. Maybe something to do with the re-routing of nerves they've monkeyed with.

Anyhow .... I logged on to just wish all my buddies here a very happy Thanksgiving, and Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

Here's to a bunch of new modules ... 5U of course bitches!!! Mr. Green hihi

Life is a beautiful thing ... it's truly a gift. Treasure every moment. You only get one whack at it.

Best wishes to everyone .... you're all so bad ... so very bad!!!!!!

lol lol lol

Signing out for now, I'll try to stick my head back in later ... a couple of weeks perhaps. Take care y'all.

Be good Rex! Hope you feel better, best wishes for the holidays and Christmas. Enjoy your turkey w00t
Best wishes for a speedy, easy recovery.
Have a great Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas Rex!
Good to hear from you Rex. Wishing you a swift recovery and happy holidaze!

It's peanut butter jelly time! nanners ,
Best wishes and holiday greetings . . .

- Roger
Rex Coil 7 wrote:

.... you're all so bad ... so very bad!!!!!!

I've been very naughty. sad banana

Welcome back and best wishes!
Good to hear from you again. Godspeed for a quick recovery. SlayerBadger!
umma gumma
hey Rex!!

good to hear from you

hope things get sorted out, and have a good Thanksgiving/Xmas as well

Guinness ftw!
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