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Confundo Funkitus variation
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Author Confundo Funkitus variation
Any way or module to achieve what confundo funkitus does but with separate probability for each chanel? Thanks
I, too, have been wondering about the cheapest, most space efficient way to accomplish this. The best solution I've found has been to mult a wide PW clock signal into a Bernoulli gate (eg. Twigs from Michigan Synth Works) and mult the resultant clocks to CV inputs of an octal VCA (eg. Muton) with the gate streams you want to blend between going into the imputs. This will get you there unless you're looking to preserve gates that last multiple clock pulses. If you're intent on preserving gate ties, you could replace the clock with an OR'd combination of the original signal, but that's starting to get really intensive for something that could be done with a single module.

I'd love to see a something with a form factor similar to Twigs built around blending between two inputs rather than spreading across two outputs. Maybe Noise Engineering could release a little sister to Confundo Funkitus that does exactly that. Hint hint!

EDIT: forgot Muton had summing outputs.
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