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Behringer Neutron hacks / diy / tweaks?
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Author Behringer Neutron hacks / diy / tweaks?
I'd be curious to see any Neutron hacks, but I just scoured MW and all of Googledom to see if anyone tried to access the Neutron's 3340 chips' Linear FM input and found nothing. Maybe I could find better search terms?

"Your search - ["linear fm hack" OR "linear fm breakout" OR "linear fm diy"] behringer neutron - did not match any documents."

Sadly, I'm not knowledgeable enough to explore whether that hack is possible, but I could follow instructions to make a two input 2hp breakout panel! That would be a pretty helpful addition.

Has anyone looked and found Neutron to be too difficult or annoying to hack?

I've never looked inside of a Neutron, but if it's using standard 3340 chips then you can probably just add a wire from the correct pin to a a small circuit (see above) and then to a jack.

Of course, they may have grounded the pin since it's unused. In that case, you'll need to sever the ground connection too.
Pin 13 won't be unused - it's actually supplying reference current for the oscillator. If there isn't currently a linear FM input to that, it probably has the equivalent of the resistors and cap connecting it to the positive power rail and also ground. So you likely wouldn't need to cut any connections, just add the equivalent of the 1M resistor, 100 n cap and jack in your extra circuit.
This is all fantastic information, thanks! I’ll do some exploration and post what I find.

Worth noting that 13 is my (not really believed) lucky number, so we’ll see if it holds up or breaks the streak.

Tinfoil Hat
I got a picture while dropping it in my DIY case. I think the circled chips are the 3340s, but even when I zoom in, I have serious doubts about my ability to mess with this without ruining it. I had thought that because they claim to use the same fabrication process as the original chips that the package size would be large like the olden days!

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