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Alesis A6 Andromeda prototype panel
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Author Alesis A6 Andromeda prototype panel
My favorite color scheme, not used in production. Thought a few people might enjoy this.
I still love the red one.

Had some lovely time last weekend with my A6, but ended up remembering that I don’t really have a clue how all the screen related bits actually work.

Knob, tough. Menus, lost.
I have that panel! w00t

I need to make time to switch my A6 to this panel.

I also have a silver on silver panel!

Too much stuff!
The Real MC
Actually I'm glad Alesis went with the color scheme for production. There was such a glut of dark colored panels from everybody else, and the Andromeda stood out.

If my memory is correct, the dark prototype panel is missing a button or two later added to production units.

Peake - I'm STILL gigging my beta unit. That thing is a workhorse in the 70s/80s classic rock band I am playing in Rockin' Banana!
I have seen the panel before, but didn't know that the knobs were blue too. Looks really nice I think. Personally think this scheme looks better than the silver.

I also have a silver on silver panel!

Wanna share a picture of that? Can't recall ever seeing that before!
The Real MC
I was right.

On the prototype panel, there's no VIEW button for Pre Filter Mix and Post Filter Mix sections.

And the Voice Mix section has an extra LED "OFF"
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