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Zebra is yin to Prophet 12 yang?
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Author Zebra is yin to Prophet 12 yang?
So I recently picked up Zebra on sale, and have to admit I really didn't know much about it or pay it much attention until recently, despite absolutely loving Repro so hard that it was the thing that finally got me into software. (I also later picked up Diva) This relative ignorance of Zebra until recently is because I'm apparently a dumbass. C'est la vie.

As I dig into Zebra's capabilities, I started to wonder what hardware it was most like, and had a thought - Zebra strikes me as sorta the flip side of a coin to the Prophet 12. One is a VST with all digital tech, but a lot of painstakingly modeled analog algorithms, the other is a hardware synth with some actual analog circuitry, but running off digital OSCs and was never pretending to be "warm" for the sake of pretending. Both of them have extremely flexible routing to the point of being nearly modular, but enough prefab design that they're almost idiot proof. And despite their depth, both of them are really easy to get good, fast results with - you don't HAVE to use all of their power, but it's right there waiting for you when you want to.

So just curious - does this make sense to anyone else? Anyone see any additional similiarities, or does anyone see any salient differences that breaks this comparison down?

Are there any other hardware synths that make more sense as a pair to Zebra?

On another note, I've been thinking of building a P12 clone in Reaktor. But now that I have Zebra... I probably won't. It's pretty amazing no one else has so far though...
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