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Trading in my Blofeld for a Sledge v2
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Author Trading in my Blofeld for a Sledge v2
Hullo all!
Hoping for some advice regarding my love/hate relationship with my Blofeld module; with a bit of my particular use for the machine, and whether or not I'm simply GASsing for a more 'vintage' interface with a Sledge.

About a year ago, I picked up the Blofeld for its very retro-digital sound. I'm a fan of the original PPG sound (never having owned one), and enjoy how it complements other 'straightforward' analog synths. Having been brought up with the Poly800, then DW8000, the interface wasn't exactly unique, and I can navigate it fairly well. I'm not really interested in its analog emulations; I have other synths for that. For me, it's the wavetable stuff; I'm thinking 80s TD, the Fixx, Saga, etc. THAT stuff for me is king. However, I find myself still getting caught up in its interface, bogging me down as I try to tweak things. [I may simply be losing patience as I grow older...!] The deeper aspects of sound design are more or less lost on me; my use of it is as a polysynth, less as an ambient soundscape monster (which it truly can be).

Disregarding the extensive modulations, and built-in fx (I have outboard stuff that's much better), I'm thinking I'd be better served with a Sledge. Is there anyone out there who can chime in as to its sound, particularly its wavetable and PPG filter emulation? I do see that only one osc has wavetable access; but if it's got 'that' sound, that's enough! Between that, and its immediate benefit of knob-per-function (more or less), it seems a better choice in hindsight.

Thanks, and happy holidays!
I own and use a Sledge, and one of the things which attracted me to it is the knob-per-function access to the sounds: the only menu diving is for things like arpeggiator, global and MIDI settings. I can't speak about it's wavetable sound or PPG filter emulation as I'm not familiar with either outside of what was being used on Top of the Pops 30+ years ago: what I can say is the wavetables sound good, and are a useful addition to the 3 oscs.
I don’t know what a Sledge is going for these days. I’d say probably (definitely) cheaper than an XTK, but you may want to consider the older Waldorf as even though I think sound wise the Blofeld is technically better than the XTs, I find the XTK really does it for me on branching the old and new digital and can alias and get crunchy, or sound amazingly clean if you want. Maybe never as high quality as a Blofeld, but then if you’re looking for a more vintage digital sound you probably don’t want that anyway.

Not to fuel your GAS, but worth looking at if your wallet is already coming out for a Sledge.
Thanks, Rowsbywoof. That aliasing and crunchiness you speak of is precisely what I have in mind; that, and a better GUI than the Blofeld. (Back in the day, I had a Micro Q, but foolishly used it more as a ROMpler, not changing much at all. That's as close as I came to the XT/XTK.) With time, the widening gap between 'the affordable' and 'the collectible' makes anything other than a surprise garage-sale XTK an unreality for me; I'm pretty set in my planning now to trade in the 'Feld for a Sledge simply for its more straightforwardness. Unfortunately, the Sledge is absolutely huge for a 'board; I'll definitely have to rearrange things to get THAT it my musicroom. But I think it'll be worth it.

Thanks for replying.
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