Cš-L vs DPO

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Post by nios » Mon Dec 02, 2019 7:59 pm

As another owner of both, I'd say basically it depends on if you want immediate speed/intuitive use to great effect (DPO, in large part due to the excellent Follow circuit) or if you want a deeper but more time-consuming module (Cs-L). That and the overall sound.

As the main osc, the Cs-L's diverse applications on paper make it more suitable, as it easily works great as two independent oscs if needed while the DPO's individual oscs are much more simple if you wanted to control them independently. Not to mention as Cs-L has AM/FM/ring and can also process external audio through the folders, it just makes a lot more sense as a main heart of a system. Cs-L's oscs both have the complete timbre options (fold/bias) when decoupled, as well as the important sound-fleshing-out features of sub out on one and PWM on the other, so that it's quite quite competent even if you didn't want any crazy complex osc sounds for a patch. DPO on the other hand when decoupled cuts timbre sculpting out of one and gives you two simple oscs, one with just sine/square besides the final.

However, while the Cs-L on paper seems generally the better idea as a main osc for a system, at least in my hands it takes more effort to get it to do something nice and also the hidden mod routing, while super useful, is a bit of a pain to keep track of. Also, they just sound really different; it's very clean and neutral/glassy vs the scratchy angry sound of the DPO. Since Cs-L's timbre shaping is not 259-based it is not easy at all to get the two to sound identical. So if you audition demos of the two a lot, and generally the DPO usually sounds cooler to you, then probably don't waver from your gut if you just know that you like its sound more. I still prefer the DPO sound in some patches; that's why I have both - I found them different enough that I didn't sell DPO as planned.

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Post by SavageMessiah » Tue Dec 03, 2019 9:23 pm

Ah geez I thought I was good for analogue oscillators but I foolishly watched the video earlier in the thread and the official Cs-L demo video and fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck now I really want one. I don't have a complex oscillator so clearly this is justifiable :help:

EDIT: I know I'm having one of THOSE nights when I'm telling myself things like 'you only live once' while clicking checkout :hihi:

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Post by hawkfuzz » Sat Dec 07, 2019 8:18 pm

Love this thing so far.

I miss the wavefolder timbre of the DPO, there's more gnarl and grit to it, but there's a suite of features that the Cs-L offers that are remarkable.

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