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Polyend Anywhere - Users feedback
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Author Polyend Anywhere - Users feedback
Hi All,

This thread is directed mainly at those who have the Polyend Anywhere power module.

Obviously this is dependent on the external power battery used, however I'm curious of those who have this module, how long their system lasts. How big is the system you have used it with, kind of modules used etc.

Polyend's website states: 20,000 mAh will power multiple modules for hours, however I would like to find out some real world stats from direct users.

Also, due to the 1A limit for +-12v, I would assume large systems can't be used, unless multiples of this module is used.

I‘ve recently bought Anywhere and one of my first battery-powered skiffs is currently arranged in an old system 90 case, so 90 HP:
I‘d say, it runs at least for 8hrs with my 20.000mAh powerbank. I can find out the max time and report back soon.

One trivial but important thing to keep in mind is that I can‘t easily switch my rig between battery and AC power, because all modules are internally connected to Anywhere now. And it takes many hours to recharge my large powerbank once it‘s empty. I might want to get a second one.

I do also have an RAV USB power adaptor RP-UC07 I bought in 2016. It promises to deliver 2.4A per single USB output but the output is too weak for Anywhere to reliably run this rig even though it‘s just around 0.5A at +12v according to mg. Plaits did misbehave in first place. I need to find a better adaptor.

My powerbank outputs 3A, as recommended in the manual. I haven‘t measured the real outputs myself, I can only advice to go for a 3A powerbank. Be aware that most models including many of the latest ones with >25.000 mAh don‘t deliver that! High current is more important than peak capacity for Anywhere.
Ok great. Thanks for the feedback.
piggybacking on the original posters question. I'd like to know if anyone who has a polyend anywhere module can comment on the "Powerbank requirement spreadsheet."

For instance does the 3.20A (under the minimum powerbank requirements) mean that the powerbank would need to be able to deliver a 3.2A/5V current from the output? Just curious because on polyend's site they recommend a powerbank that can deliver 2.4A/5v on the output.

got my answer from Polyend. Gotta make sure to keep that bottom left number under 2.4. So this module won't fit the bill for my portable rig. too bad :(
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