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Advanced Yarns (Bluelantern) Jack ground issue?
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Author Advanced Yarns (Bluelantern) Jack ground issue?
I finished building and programming a advanced yarns from blue lantern, currently the 1st and 3rd jack work but not the ones next to them (2, 4). The way the jacks are grounded is through the front panel, which works... kinda. But im having issues with the jacks that are next to each other.

Any solutions? picture is below

UPADTE: The jacks were reversed, im an idiot. sorry.
Hi there!

I saw that you successfully built Blue Lantern Yarns recently.
I have two questions, please help me if you can.

What are the values of the two electrolytic capacitors next to the source?
I see that the original yarns has 2X22uF and 2X10uF, but here on the PCB there are no values marked, and there are no electrolytic caps on the BOM either... ?!

Also, there is a place on the same core PCB, where should be something, but there is nothing specified nowhere... (I'll attach an image)


This kind of unfinished things make for a very frustrating project...
Thank you, anticipated!

I had a similar question as you dragosandriana. Posted in the pusherman facebook group and got an answer from bluelantern directly. I suggest you join that group and use the search function. If you still need help PM me.
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