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Silent brass users?
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Author Silent brass users?
Dissatisfied with horn synthesis, i've gone back to basics and got a trumpet. Been a long while since i've played one but hell, that's part of the pleasure/pain arc, right? Of course, i considered how annoying it'd be to the neighbors and googled "quiet brass" and... lo and behold, "Silent Brass!" Someone beat me to it, as i'd guessed.

To the point, though: anyone here use the Yamaha Silent Brass? Theoretically it looks like a really awesome way to practice discreetly and also to interface with other gear, if it really is done right. I've read good and bad reviews but would really like to hear if anyone on here has used one and what they thought of it. Thanks!
I've been using it for a long time. 95% of the time I just use the mute as a practice mute though, not plugged in to anything. It has a lower amount of resistance than other practice mutes I've tried and is pretty quiet.

The included mute amp+headphone amp thing is pretty weak though. It's super noisy and the trumpet tone from it is pretty uninspiring... Plugging the mute output into a DI and mic preamp works a little better.

I've been meaning to try more experiments processing the mute pickup output for a while but just haven't gotten around to it, unfortunately.
Thanks, wadesey. I suppose i ought to do a little research here and see if there are any other alternatives, besides padding the walls with thick insulation so nobody can hear my screeching zombie
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