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ordering modules in winter (or other extreme seasons)
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Author ordering modules in winter (or other extreme seasons)

a module i ordered was storaged by the delivery service for two nights from saturday and i got it today. since it was a little below minus here for the last two days the module was ice-cold when i opened the package. it was also fogged on the metal parts like a misty window

everything dispersed after a minute but im still a bit worried. i might put a hairdryer on it before i build it in

this whole experience just makes me not want to buy modules in winter…
Jay F.

No need for a hairdryer. It might even put more thermal stress than necessary on the module.

The electronic is safe as long as there is no condensation forming while in operation.

Possible condensation will disappear after some minutes (or maybe hours) at room temperature.

Most electronic components are not damaged by ‘normal’ cold temperatures. -20°C is not in itself a problem. For example, TL072 (a very widely used operational amplifier) datasheet state -65°C to 150°C as maximum storage temperature.

See :  /
Just let it slowly warm up to room temperature and it should be fine.
I Always leave such stuff in the package until it has room temperature. Like this there is minimum condensation I think.
Schrank is right. Electronics of all sorts are shipped worldwide in the coldest of temperatures every single day without harm. However, leaving them in the original packaging until they come to room temperature is a good practice, else they may develop condensation.
yup, i should have waited. i thought about it too afterwards

will know for the next time smile

thanks for the feedback
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