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Connector ID /Question
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Author Connector ID /Question
Hi, can someone tell me the name of this type of connector please?

Also, has anyone got any recommendations for reasonably priced kits with the tool and a few crimps/housings.

The bigger one is 24mm long and the shorter one is 12mm.

Sorry about the massive pictures.

MTA156? You won't need absolutely specific crimpers. I use the Japanese "Engineer" brand. They are easily purchased in the UK
Looks similar to the JST VHR connectors that meanwell supplies use like these. What power supply are they on? Usually there is something in the datasheet of the power supply that at least gives you an idea of what kind of connectors to look for.

Edit: I guess the latching part is on the opposite side of the JST connectors so its not those d'oh!
If the pins are 0.1" apart, MTA-100. If they're 0.156" apart, MTA-156. In both cases they're a cheaper ripoff than the rather overpriced TE Connectivity MTA parts you'll find at distributors, but it looks like the same standard.

MTA wires are forced into assemblies by displacing the insulation. The specialized crimp tool for this is very efficient but also ridiculously expensive unless you find it used on eBay. However for only a few assemblies you can manage the same process with a flathead screwdriver and patience. Also leather gloves since you will slip at least once and be glad you had them on.
Search eBay for "molex crimp tool". It is black with a blue handle. I get them from China. The real one is stupid money.
They are NOT MTA156. They are Molex KK156. MTA156 rear tab does not go full width, is usually white color, not natural translucent seen here. The locking portion of an MTA is also different, and the MTA tab is variable thickness instead of the even thickness seen here. Pins on an MTA are more centrally located in the base than the offset seen here.

You can use an MTA156 with this, but it is not optimal/ Molex KK are easil;y crimped with standard tooling as EyG wrote just above
Nice one guys, I knew you'd sort me out.

Thanks a bunch.
KSS wrote:
They are NOT MTA156. They are Molex KK156.

Calm down. KK156 no longer exists, the Molex brand is now KK 396. And these aren't KK 396 either - they're an overseas ripoff of the generic 0.156" standard. Molex KK 396 uses a heavier and non-angular/flatted friction lock. Same with Adam Tech LHB which rips off Molex, but overseas companies skimp on the plastic and molds.

MTA-156, Molex KK 396, and Adam Tech LHB will all fit. You'll find one of them at Mouser, DigiKey, RS, etc. The 0.156" ripoffs will fit too and you'll find those on Amazon, AliExpress, etc. If you don't have a crimp tool for Molex/Adam, MTA does not require one and can be managed with a screwdriver.

This is Molex:

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